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Robin and Michelle just returned from 3 days at the IHRSA conference in <rainy!> San Diego.

The top presenters in the fitness industry are there to share current trends and information on management, strategy, technology, member services, leadership and so much more.

Plus there is a giant trade show with all the fitness equipment you can imagine, and then some.

Here are our top 3 takeaways:


Speaker Robert O’Hare, Navy Seal on the Captain Phillips – Somali pirates hostage and Osama bin Laden missions among hundreds of others.

As a Navy Seal, remaining calm and clear thinking is of primary importance. Mr. O’Hare shared this story: Stress is a bag of bricks that lays on the floor next to you. Each day you can make the choice to pick that bag up, carry it around all day, be grumpy, tired, and unproductive and make everyone around you the same way or you can leave that heavy bag full of bricks, move on and have an easier, healthier, happier day.

The Take Away: 

Stress is an emotional reaction to a situation. Choose to change your reaction.


Appreciation, Support and Accountability are all very important, on the member side as well as the employee side. The milestones you achieve deserve celebrating! We all have different goals and we want to be able to celebrate the small and the big wins along the way.

The Take Aways:

 We will implement a few new steps in the New Member experience as well as Programs to assist those Members who need a bit more accountability, motivation and support. We want to help celebrate your success stories too – be on the look out for opportunities to share.


There is a shift in the fitness industry away from focusing on weight loss to the more long term focus of wellness. We have always had that focus here at BTTC so it is good to know we are on the mark. If you want to watch a rather stark portrayal of how your choices today and how you live life now will affect your future, check out this video”

CLICK HERE to watch video

The Take Aways:

Continue to focus on how we can help you create lifelong healthy habits so you can feel strong, confident, and live life to the fullest!

This conference inspired and energized us both. Not only was it fun to spend time with each other, but so special to have that “away” time to bounce ideas, get excited about opportunities, and connect with other fitness professionals.

We got confirmation that we are already doing so many of the recommended things for Customer Experience, Programming, Tennis and Fitness and now we are brimming with ideas on how to enhance and expand.

After all, one of the Club’s core values is “Always Improve” and we welcome your ideas too!

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We are here for you to create your best years now and in your future.

~Robin & Michelle