Tennis Clinics

Have fun improving your tennis game with the camaraderie of a group! Our Tennis Clinics have a maximum of 6 people per coach so you get lots of attention and can learn quickly.

Each Tennis Clinics Season is 8-weeks long, giving you plenty of time to learn and practice skills. Check our schedule for the start dates for Winter, Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall, and Late Fall seasons. Our tennis clinics fill up fast, so don’t wait to get enrolled.

Clinics are open to both Members and Non-Members.

Whether you want to learn tennis, knock the rust off, or improve your ranking, you will receive plenty of personalized feedback, attention and hitting time in these small group tennis lessons. Tennis Clinics are a great way to see real improvement with professional instruction — at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. Develop your skills, build your knowledge and confidence, and see your game grow.

NOTE: To register for intermediate or advanced tennis clinics you must have taken a BTTC clinic, have a USTA National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating, or be approved by a BTTC Tennis Pro. Still need a rating? Sign up for a 30-minute Placement Lesson so our Pro can give you a Club rating and make sure you are in the appropriate level of tennis clinic and events.

Placement Lesson

Schedule a “Tennis Placement Lesson” for the easiest and fastest way to understand your player level. In this 30-minute lesson and hitting session, your Pro uses a variety of drills and assessments in order to evaluate your level of play. This will give you the confidence to enter into our programs at the correct level and/or to seek matches with others at your estimated NTRP.

For juniors and adults: if you’ve never participated in tennis clinics at our club and do not currently hold an NTRP rating, you are required to take a Tennis Placement Lesson in order to qualify for our intermediate and advanced programming.

CALL THE CLUB AT 360-733-5050 or email [email protected] to schedule your Placement Appointment.

Junior Tennis Clinics

Aces 1 Red Ball

For Ages 5 – 8, Beginner, we use a half-sized court and slower bouncing red balls to work on control and placement. No Prerequisite.

Aces 1 Orange Ball

For Ages 8-11, Beginner, these shorter, 60-foot courts with regular nets allow players to get the feel and control on the tennis court. No Prerequisite.

Aces 2 Green Ball

For Ages 8-11, Intermediate-Advanced, the full-sized courts and regular nets combined with the green ball that bounces lower will expand the feel of the court. Prerequisite is Aces 1 Red or Orange Ball, Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Aces 3 Middle School Beginning

Players are learning the fundamentals of the forehand and backhand ground strokes, volleys, and serve. No prerequisite.

Aces 4 Middle School Intermediate-Advanced

Players learn tennis rules, place the ball with different paces, develop fitness, and singles and doubles strategy. Prerequisite is Aces 2 or 3, Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Aces 5 High School Junior Varsity

Players practice stroke fundamentals to create a solid game ready for tournaments. Athletic fitness, mental toughness, and positive mindset are key. No Prerequisite.

Aces 6 High School Varsity

Players refine stroke fundamentals with a focus to specialty shots and game strategy to sharpen the competitive edge. Pre-requisite is Aces 4 or 5, Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

JETT: Junior Elite Tennis Training

Select training for advanced players to sharpen the competitive edge focuses on drills, play, the mental game, and physical readiness. JETT requires Pro recommendation for placement. We offer elite training for these age groups: JETT 1- 12 & Under, JETT 2- 15 & Under, JETT 3- 18 & Under.

Adult Tennis Clinics

Adult 1 “Learn to Play”

Have fun while learning the fundamentals of how to play with a variety of strokes and how to keep score. No Prerequisite.

Adult 2 Beginning – Intermediate (NTRP 2.5-3.0)

For players who are wanting to build consistency with basic strokes along with elements of strategy. Prerequisite NTRP, or some tennis experience and knowing how to score.

Adult 3 Intermediate (NTRP 3.0-3.5)

Hone your skills with an emphasis is on stroke mechanics, adding spins to your ground stroke and serves, advanced strategy, and incorporating fitness to improve stamina on the court. Prerequisite NTRP 3.0, Adult 2 Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Adult 4 Advanced (NTRP 4.0+)

Sharpen your skills with consistent, intense hitting and advanced strategy. Pre-requisite NTRP, Adult 3 pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Adult 4 Speed & Strategy (NTRP 4.0+)

Be prepared to run! This clinic is for advanced levels to teach the strategy of a running game and the shots. Pre-requisite NTRP, Adult 3 Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Adult Doubles (NTRP 3.0-3.5)

Focus on position, placement, and strategy. Gain insider tips to win points and lead the game. Signup as doubles team recommended but not required. Pre-requisite: NTRP, Adult 2 Pro approval, or Placement Lesson qualification.

Adult and JR Tennis Programs

Find a tennis program just right for you.