Work Out Your Way

Like Solo workouts? We have 2 state-of-the-art gyms for you. Want camaraderie and motivation with expert instructors at a great price? Try our Group Training Classes. Looking for accountability and a custom plan? Our Personal Trainers will design an optimum program for you and encourage you every step of the way.

Like Group Training Classes? We have over 30 per week to keep you accountable and motivated.

At Bellingham Training & Tennis Club we will help you feel fit and ready to get out in the world to enjoy your friends, family, and adventure! We support your pursuit of living a healthy, well-balanced life at every age and ability.

Choose your Fitness Style

Solo Workouts

Like setting your own pace? Enjoy two state-of-the-art gyms and the self-guided W8 program to keep your workouts fresh.

Group Training

Make your exercise fun! Enjoy variety, expert instruction, camaraderie, and motivation in our Group Training Classes. Group Training is included with our Training Memberships or purchase a 10 Pack Pass.

Personal Training

One-on-one or small group coaching is the fastest way to see the specific changes you want. Stay accountable, get results.

Fitness Clinics, Workshops, & Challenges

Specialty focused clinics with a planned progression that builds on the previous week to bring you maximum results. Single day Workshops to educate and enlighten. Fitness Challenges to motivate you!

Solo Workouts & W8 Program

Like doing your own thing? You’ll find all of the equipment you need in 2 uncrowded gyms with a welcoming environment. We want to help you look and feel your best and live life to the fullest, at every age.

If you want fresh ideas for a workout, try our complimentary W8 self-guided plan. It’s an 8-week program with a place to record your daily workouts so you can see your progress.

MYZONE Heart Tracking & Training

We use the MYZONE heart rate tracking system and think you’ll love it too. This system works for you both inside and outside the club. Wear your heartrate belt to track your effort during your workouts.

If you are inside the club, your Tile will show on our TV screens, showing your nickname and metrics for percent of heart rate max, calories burned, heart rate in beats per minute, and MEPs or “My Effort Points”. If you are outside of the club, wear your Myzone when you exercise and up to 16 hours of data can be stored on your belt.

To upload the data to your Myzone profile, simply use the free Myzone app (outside the club) or wear your belt inside the club for an automatic upload and you’ll never miss a point! You can create a friend group within the Myzone community and get support and accolades for the achievements you make.

Our Facility Code is BTCUS001

See what our members have to say

Excellent, clean, friendly

“I have been a member for many years and have been so happy with the group exercise classes, quality of instruction, friendly staff, and continuous improvements to the facility. Most recently, I have been impressed with the vigilance and commitment of the staff to cleanliness protocols. Thanks to BTTC! “

~ L.M.

Love RIDE Classes

“I love the RIDE classes at BTTC. The instructors are fun, knowledgeable and care about each cyclist having a great workout that is based on each individual cyclist’s level of comfort and experience. I’ve been a member since December 2021 and have loved all the cycling and strengthening classes I’ve attended.”

~ L.K.

Awesome Gym

“Awesome gym. Never had a negative experience here. The gym is extremely clean and well maintained and the staff is extremely warm and inviting. They really make it feel like you belong.”