Fitness Clinics, Workshops, and Challenges

Our special focus fitness programs are designed to deliver tangible results. With a progressive plan, comprehensive approach, and expert guidance, participants can expect transformative outcomes. These intensive and immersive experiences foster mind and body discipline, motivation, and lasting habits for a healthier, stronger, more vibrant lifestyle. Join us and unlock your potential for remarkable fitness achievements.

Workshops & Challenges

Take a deep dive into a specific focus with our educational single day Workshops. When you are ready to level-up your fitness, try one of our multi-day Challenges.

Save Your Knees Workshop

Join international best selling Healthy Knees Books Author and Coach, Robin Robertson, for this hour-long informative session on the 3 Secrets to Save Your Knees. You will learn a ton!

MYZONE Challenge

Strike up your cardio fitness with our MYZONE challenge! MYZONE is our heart rate tracking system so you can track your effort both inside and outside the club. In our MYZONE challenge, every week brings another level to challenge your fitness. Weekly prizes, weekly accomplishments.

60 Day Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to ramp up your fitness and get great results? You’ll start with a consultation then have fun with this Challenge stocked full with incentives, resources, and great prizes. Check our schedule for the next start date!

Introduction to Indoor Cycling

Are you curious about indoor cycling but to shy/nervous/afraid to give it a try? We’ll show you how to set up your bike, read the monitor, and ride like a Pro.

Fitness Clinics

Our Fitness Clinics run from 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the program. We want to help you build on what you’ve accomplished every week so you feel fantastic at the end!

Junior Strength & Conditioning

Our high school and middle school strength clinics are designed with the developing athlete in mind. They are a combination of training for performance, to mitigate injury, and to provide education around what to do and when. This clinic is an hour in length, starting with a full dynamic warm up, followed by power work, strength work, and ending with conditioning work.

These clinics are designed to meet athletes where they are, and take them to the next level in their play and competition. This is a no-frills practical approach with an 8-week progression to develop strength to keep a body in balance and reduce injury. Show up ready for a fun, yet engaging and productive work out. We look forward to helping your student have their best season yet!

Weight Training for Women Level 1

If you are new to strength training and weights, find yourself intimidated or overwhelmed in a conventional gym environment, or just want to find a community of women to exercise with, Weight Training for Women Level 1 is for you!

Level 1 is a 4 week clinic dedicated to easing the newcomer into the world of strength training. The training will use a gentle progression to increase the volume of exercise over time, so you will learn what to do, how to do it right, and get confident in the weight room all while making progress and changes!

Feel comfortable in a low pressure, supportive, non-intimidating environment with a group of women looking to learn and grow.

This clinic meets for 60 minute sessions, twice per week for 4 weeks.

Weight Training for Women Level 2

If you are familiar with weight lifting (or have graduated from our Level 1 Clinic) and want to advance your abilities and knowledge base, this clinic is for you!

Level 2 is a 4-week clinic emphasizing the importance of proper technique and advancing to a progression with complex moves. You will feel confident in your abilities and see and feel your results. Don’t worry, you will not get bulky, but you will love your new defined lean muscles. Feel Strong, Feel Powerful!

This clinic meets for 60-minute sessions, twice per week for 4 weeks.

Healthy Knees Strength & Cycle

Are you tired of your knees aching and don’t know what you can do that would be good for your knees? This is the ideal starting place if you have not been active on a regular basis and want to do the right thing for your knees (hips and ankles too). Not only will your knees feel better, but you will too!

Each class we start with 30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of strength training that follows a gently progressive plan over 8-weeks so you get stronger. In cycling we begin with fundamentals then progress toward stamina as you build more strength. Motion is lotion!

Our strength training program encompasses the Healthy Knees 4-point method with Movement Foundations, Balance Training, Strength Training, and Stretching with a gently progressive approach so you get stronger every week. We will help you learn good form so you know exactly what to do and how to do it in the weight room.

Please book your complimentary consultation and bike fit before the clinic begins. We want to help you set up your bike for the most comfort and answer all your questions so you are feeling confident and ready to go.

Cycle Moles Performance Training

Our 8-week Cycle Moles Training Clinic will help you become a smarter, stronger, more powerful cyclist. Not only will you feel like you can conquer any hill and complete every ride with confidence, you will learn more about heart rate training and when your body needs to hold back or push hard.

Cycle Moles is the next step above drop-in RIDE classes since we progress every week. We focus on a combination of interval training to achieve our weekly training goals. Every workout is part of our planned progression to focus on low-aerobic to high aerobic fitness. No more worrying if you are working too hard or not hard enough – we’ve already planned that out for you so that you get stronger every week. This is the next best thing to having a personal coach.

Being a Cycle Mole is a great way to stay committed, enjoy your friends in class, and get amazing results. Please book your complimentary Bike Fit and consultation before your season begins.