Boutique Studios for Group Training

Group Training

Our Group Training is like a boutique studio within our Club. You’ll enjoy small classes with a maximum of 15 or less per class so our coaches can give individualized attention and form corrections. We want you to feel confident that you are doing each move correctly.


How long is each class? The number indicates minutes.

How to Participate

Non-Members and Club Level Members can purchase a single class or get a deal with our 10 Pack Pass. Or if you want to take more than 1 class per week, we recommend our Training Level memberships that include unlimited Group Training Classes.

How To Reserve

Reserve up to 3 weeks ahead online (BTTC app!), by phone 360-733-5050, or at our front desk. Reservation Cancellations: Free cancellations up to 2 hours ahead of the class. No-shows or late cancels incur full class fee. Class Cancellation: Classes with no registration are subject to cancellation two (2) hours prior to class.

Group Training Schedule

Feb 18 - 24
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Sunday, Feb 18
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A Quick Glance at our Group Training Classes

Body Conditioning 60

A full-body circuit style workout for all fitness levels using a variety of equipment to feature a mix of Mobility, Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. You choose how hard you work! Held in the Zone.

Cardio Tennis 60

Fast-paced tennis drills and games will keep your body in constant motion, improve your speed & agility, and burn a ton of calories. Expect to sweat! Suitable for intermediate+ level players with the ability to run on the court. Held on Tennis Courts, with music!


High Intensity Interval Training is a circuit style class that alternates short periods of max effort exercise (MYZONE Yellow or Red zones) with low energy recovery (MYZONE Green and Blue zones). Great opportunity for the athlete who wants to challenge their fitness levels. We recommend wearing the MYZONE heart belts to guide your performance. Held in the Zone.

Performance 60

Lifting weights feels good! This strength training class will leave you feeling capable and powerful. Every month is a new, progressive program that advances throughout the month. You’ll record your weights so you can see your progress. Held in the Zone.

RIDE Express 30

Short on time? Join us for this high calorie burn time-efficient workout! Cycling is great for your heart and is kind to your knees, hips, and feet while making your legs stronger. This 30-minute Ride is all cycling so we can maximize your time. Held in the Ride Studio.

RIDE Energy 45

Gain energy as you pedal to the beat and immerse yourself in the rhythm of the ride. With a mix of strength, endurance, hills, drills, and sprints you’ll burn loads of calories. This indoor cycling cardio and leg conditioning class will give you the energy and confidence to do more. Held in the Ride Studio.

RIDE Power 60

Become more powerful in body, mind, and indoor bike!. Improve your stamina and endurance so you can conquer big challenges. Each class has a specific focus on endurance, speed, or power through interval training, heart rate metrics with MYZONE, and group challenges to guide your effort. Held in the Ride Studio.

Tennis Strength & Agility 45

This class will train the muscles with a combination of strength, endurance, and agility helping muscles protect the surrounding joints, increasing stability, reinforcing proper movement patterns, and decrease the risk of issues like tennis elbow, knee pain and help prevent/rehab nagging injuries. Held in the Zone.

TRX 45

With TRX straps, your body becomes the machine! This low-impact exercise engages your core on every move to build your strength foundations. Designed to satisfy all experience levels – we can always adjust to your needs. Class includes some floor work. Held in the Zone.

Stretch & Release 30

Stretch & Release This 30 minute class will help relieve muscle tension, improve joint range of motion, and soothe your spirit. We will use a variety of forms including static stretching, trigger point release, foam rolling, and more. Held in the Zone.