I recently went to a high school friend’s father’s funeral.

Nevio was an amazing man who made a huge impact on everyone he met, and he met a lot of people. He was one of those guys who was instantly friends with everyone he talked with and helped anyone in need.

He was a child psychologist, house builder, pilot, fisherman and philanthropist. He had a saying,

“Love People Not Things and Use Things Not People”. Simple but profound!

That weekend of the funeral I spent in Wenatchee with my parents and lots of high school friends. Memories flooding back: so many laughs, tears, and good times.

Even my dad had a great story about Nevio taking him out in his airplane some 40 years ago. He was totally freaked out and scared but went for it and ended up having a blast.

The weekend and my dad’s story made me reflect on a few things. Everyday should be fun, the future is bright, a little fear is healthy, sometimes you just have to go for it, life goes by so fast, we need to cherish every moment, be grateful for it all and truly “Love People” and remember to tell them a lot, that’s what Nevio would do!

At the funeral we received a gift. A carpenter’s pencil with his favorite saying on it. Nevio never went anywhere without one. I hope it makes you smile as much as it does all of us!

~Michelle, BTTC Member & Guest Service Manager