This is the first time in 24 years that I will miss our Club Scrub (see Club Scrub, below)!
Doug and I are off to challenge ourselves on a different kind of bicycle tour. As you know, last year we completed our self-guided, self-supported (figure out the route, carry own gear, camp or motel) coast to coast bike ride across America (almost 4,000 miles – completed over 4 different summers).
NOW WHAT? Well, since I picked that adventure, I thought it fair for Doug to pick the next one.
This year we are trying two different kind of bicycle trips: We start with a fully guided, fully supported bicycle trip (guides, hotels, support vehicles, luggage transport, meals) with Saddle Skedaddle from the Atlantic Coast of Spain (Bilbao) to the Mediterranean Coast (Barcelona) near the French border and in the lower Pyrenees.
The big challenge is the mileage – our first day is 81 miles! The next 7 days range from 45 to 74 miles each (avg 62 miles/day) with lots of climbing along the way. If you’d like to peek at the itinerary, CLICK HERE
Next we will travel to the island of Mallorca for a supported self-guided bike tour on the island. That means that the company Live Love Ride will give us the maps, book our hotels, and will transport our gear between the 3 hotels. We guide ourselves and have 2 nights at each hotel with the option to do a loop ride or rest on the 2nd day. We are ready for some epic climbs on switchback roads and a little beach time too. CLICK HERE to check it out.
The point of me sharing this with you? It’s the challenge!
We set a high goal for ourselves and have been training with building up to 40, 50, 60, 70+ mile rides multiple days in a row so that we are fit for the rides and will enjoy our time (rather than suffer) – at least that’s the hope. This goal has helped us to have focus for our training and that makes it fun along the way.
“IT DOESN’T GET EASIER, YOU GET STRONGER”~unknown but brilliant.
I encourage you to set a physical goal for yourself!
Whether it is something like 10 full-body pushups, walking or running a 5k, or something more like our adventure travel vacations, you’ll be proud of yourself when you accomplish it, stronger for it, and ready to take on the next challenge, whatever that may be.
~Robin, GM/Owner