Announcing Our Incoming General Manager!

Michelle’s article about change last week was pertinent to my announcement today.

As I am preparing for the change about to come, I got a little introspective and thought about where we started and how far we’ve come.

24 years ago when I said “YES, let’s do this” to Doug’s question of “should we buy the club,” I had no real idea of what we were getting into, but we believed we could figure it out.

The Club would see much change over the years transitioning from a dated 1970’s building to a first-class tennis and fitness club.

This transformation included adding the 5th court, transition to earth friendly cleaning products, adding recycling and compost services, changing our lighting system on the courts 2X as technology advanced…

…2 major remodels including creation of the RIDE studio, the addition of the ZONE, HVAC replacement with HEPA filters, our roof repair (multiple times), the addition of 240 solar panels, and hundreds of other small things along the way.

I look back at that and I am quite proud of these facility accomplishments.

What I’m even more proud of is our BTTC family – that’s you, our Members, our guests, and our BTTC Team. Our community here is something special and I’m so glad that you are part of it.

I enjoy our friendships, the way we help each other, and our positive “can do” spirit. It has been my life’s greatest pleasure to be a healthy part of your life.

Now the time has come for a bit of a change – as you may know, we have been on the search for a General Manager who will take on the vast majority of what I normally do at the Club on a day to day basis.

What won’t change is our supportive culture, exceptional service, and our core values: Bring Care, Build Confidence, Always Improve, Serve First, and Enjoy Life!

We are excited to announce that we have completed our exhaustive search and interview process for our next General Manager with several highly qualified candidates and have selected….

Drumroll please…

Ms. Denise Skelton

Denise comes to us with 30 years of Club management and ownership experience from the Riverside Health Clubs in Skagit County.

She has recently sold her partnership share and we are lucky to have her join us in this primary leadership role. She will officially start on July 16th, after Doug and I return from bicycle adventures abroad.

We envision an onboarding and training period before we formally hand over the reins.

We are so thankful to have such a wonderful BTTC Team here and value each of our staff for how they take care of business and take care of you. We are excited to add Denise and her expertise to our highly capable team!


P.S. Don’t worry, Doug and I aren’t going anywhere. You’ll probably see us enjoying the Club more!

P.P.S. And yes, watch for my “not quite retirement” party sometime this fall.