One of our core values here is “Enjoy Life!” and along that train of thought, I was recently reminded of the“7 Rules for Life”(based on the writings of Stephen R Covey)

It was a good reminder about centering yourself and I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Let it Go– Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday
2. Ignore Them – Don’t let others drag you down. Live a life that is empowering to you
3. Give it Time – Time means everything
4. Don’t Compare – The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday
5. Stay Calm – It’s Okay not to have everything figured out. Know that in time you’ll get there
6. It’s On You – Only you are in charge of your happiness
7. Smile – Life is short. Enjoy it while you have it

And I thought I’d add this about WORRY – because there is so much in the world happening…

I think of worry as energy that is frizzled into the air. Instead, take that energy and determine if your worry is something you can change. If you cannot change it, acknowledge it and set it aside (take it off your worry plate because you cannot change it).

Take that worry energy and direct it toward the things you can change. If you CAN change it, stop worrying and start acting – decide your next step and make things happen!


Robin Robertson
BTTC Owner
General Manager