Every morning you wake up you have choices.

You can wake up and complain about something, think negatively about all the things you “have to” do, or choose to be thankful and grateful, even if sometimes finding the strength to do so may be hard.

Some people say, I “have to…” I like to use the words, “I get to…”

…Go to work, exercise, take my kid to school, cook, clean, make the bed, do laundry, whatever it is for you, you get the idea.

I know it’s not that we love doing all these things but at least if we start with positive language it can help with the positive attitude and it may even make the activity or chore a bit more fun.

When I rephrase and say “I get to go to work, I get to pay bills, I get to clean the house” it really does remind me how blessed I am, it takes the resentment away and it puts positive energy towards all of those activities. I am healthy and capable, I am able to work, contribute to my household, I have a washing machine and dryer, I have the strength to workout and a great place to do.
So, the next time you hear yourself saying, “ugh I have to…”

Rethink and Rephrase and say, “I Get To…” it just may make that activity more positive and easier to do.

~Michelle Fry
Member and Guest Service Manager