So here is our Big Announcement about our Big Solar Project!

BTTC made a significant step toward sustainability and environmental responsibility by converting over to our own solar power system. Check out the picture of the roof! Unfortunately you can’t see the 240 solar panels from the street because they are all on the south side of the roof.

In addition to the panels, the new energy system includes a large on-site 208 volt inverter that allows for real time solar module monitoring and optimization. The newly installed solar system will generate an impressive 134,281 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy annually, substantially reducing our business’s reliance on traditional energy sources.

By utilizing solar power, the Club will slash its use of PSE generated power by about 68%, which makes us much more energy independent. This initiative marks the Club’s continuing and substantial investment in renewable energy and environmental responsibility.

We had investigated “going solar” multiple times over the last 20 years. A number of key factors made the transition possible:

·     We made the decision to value the wider benefits of PSE energy use reduction into its business model.

·     The wonderful advice on the system design, creation and installation by Western Solar

·     The ongoing technical and installation expertise of our roofing partner Von Bodkin at Commercial Waterproof Coatings. With a roof as big as ours (50,000 square feet!), Von’s guidance has been invaluable in making the installation of solar on the roof a functional option. The installation of the feet for the solar arrays were an integral part of sealing the roof surface before the panels were installed.

·     The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act included important tax credits and depreciation benefits that reflect our nation’s current goal of developing alternative energy sources.

If you like to view our real time energy production just check out this link:

BTTC – Kiosk information ( CLICK HERE.

We hope this project inspires other businesses and individuals in our community to embrace renewable energy and work together towards a cleaner, greener future.

I have a degree in environmental science and have always worked toward reducing the environmental impacts of our business. The solar panels are the ‘icing on the roof’ in addition to the LED lighting, reflective tennis court walls and ceilings to improve light quality, recycling, composting, and the environmentally friendly cleaning products we already have.

We are committed to environmental responsibility, and actively seek innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute positively to the community.


Robin Robertson

Owner & General Manager

Bellingham Training & Tennis Club


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