Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year to give, receive, and reflect on the year that we are leaving behind. It is said that it is better to give than to receive. If we are in the position to give, then we should feel fortunate. There are so many ways to give.

Here is my short list of how I could give to help me avoid getting wrapped up in what I want and believe I need.
• I can give by always trying to improve.
• I can give by listening to the people I encounter throughout the day.
• I can give by trying to help someone in need each day.
• I can give by making sure I just do my job.
• I can give by letting the people close to me know that I love them.
• I can give by smiling even when I don’t feel like it.

I can be grateful for the things I receive:
• All the help and support I get from all the BTTC staff and members.
• For being able to do the work I get to do.
• For having a family that I love and loves me back.

These are just a few of the things I could give and be grateful for. I could write a much larger list of what I have been given that has in my eyes has bestowed upon me such a charmed life.

As for reflecting on the past year, I am happy to have survived another one and I look forward to making my list of how I can improve myself for next year!

In case you haven’t heard Cooper and Sarah Anderson had a healthy and happy baby…Don Christian Anderson. I can hardly wait and see how big of a forehand he will have.

AnnElise Anderson and Kyle Kahklen were wed in early October.

Nannette McGrath is the mother of both AnnElise and Cooper…what a great month for Mom and now Grandma.