American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, a time when all people are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health.

Your life depends on this incredible organ doing its job, 24/7.

Here are some interesting facts according to the Cleveland Clinic:

• Your heart beats about 100,000 times per day

• The lub-dub, lub-dub sound if from the clap of heart valves closing

• Each minute, your heart pumps nearly 1.5 gallons of blood. That’s a pump flow rate that could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in less than a year!

• Your heart is about the size of your two hands clasped together

• Your heart weighs between 7 – 15 ounces. By comparison, a blue whale (the world’s largest animal) has a heart weighing more than 1,000 pounds. A person could easily crawl through the aorta!

• Your heart pumps blood through about 60,000 miles of blood vessels! That tubing system could circle the Earth at the equator TWICE!

• Heart disease is the greatest single threat to your health and the leading cause of death globally. You can help manage your heart health through dietary choices, regular exercise, and stress management.

• A joke a day may help keep the heart doctor away, as laughing can improve heart health by lowering stress and relaxing blood vessels. Happiness can lower your risk of heart disease too.

“Why do cardiologists refuse to date hematologists?
Because they’ve learned such relationships are in vein”

…… bada bing, bada bang

We’d love to help you get in tune with your heart!

The World Health Organization recommends 75-150 minutes of vigorous (that’s 25-50 minutes 3X per week) or 150-300 minutes of moderate (50-100 minutes 3X per week) intensity aerobic activity per week.

How do you know what is moderate vs vigorous? By wearing a heart rate tracker when you exercise, you can get to know your normal heart rate activity better.

We love the MYZONE system here at the Club! It is fun to use, you create a record of every workout, you earn points for your activities!

During February, it’s 20% off.

Just ask at the front desk for more information.

~Robin Robertson
Club Owner & General Manager